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Sewer Locating

Sewer Locating

Sewer Locating Service

At C. Carlin Plumbing we can detect water leaks in your water line that would otherwise go unnoticed. Because sewer and water lines are installed under asphalt, concrete or dirt, having the proper equipment and experience to detect leaks (before the digging starts), is a beneficial service and a cost saver.

Using state–of–the–art testing equipment, our experienced plumbers are able to pinpoint a water leak. By understanding how air travels through different ground covers, we can efficiently detect the location of any leak. When using a tracer smoke, which is pumped into the water lines, a leak is found by detecting the smoke at surface level as it escapes through the break in the pipe.

Based on the results of our sewer locating service, we will recommend the best solution to fix the water leak. Whether it requires a repair or line replacement, C. Carlin Plumbing will get the job done efficiently and professionally. At C. Carlin Plumbing, we service or replace water lines for homes, businesses and commercial projects. We have emergency service 24/7; please call C. Carlin Plumbing if you suspect you have sewer or water line leak.


If you need to clear a large basin or blast a precision trench, look no further: C. Carlin Plumbing's vactor services can do the job. Call or email us get started.

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