Gone Green

Gone Green

Here at C. Carlin Plumbing, being green is a practice we established long before it was trendy. Incorporating eco-friendly plumbing programs into our business isn’t only good for the environment, however. Our green programs make renovations/installations easier, help you save money, and make the overall plumbing process more convenient.


Some of C. Carlin Plumbing's green programs and practices include:

  • Used equipment recycle program (We'll take away and recycle your water heaters, steel tubs, and more for free.

  • Metal collection and recycling

  • On-site warehouse recycling station

  • Water testing and filtration

  • Rain water collection system design and installation

  • Tankless boilers and water heaters

  • Low-flow toilets that actually flush - we test them before we use them

If being green is important to you, be sure to call C. Carlin Plumbing. Our mission is simple: be responsible stewards of the environment without compromising your life(style).

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