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Sewer & Drain Services

Your Sewer, Storm & Water Line Experts

Over time, the integrity of your sewer, storm and water lines can be compromised: roots damage your pipes, lines can break or crack because of shifting soil, or sewer lines can corrode (especially if constructed prior to 1960). Regardless of the reason, C. Carlin Plumbing is there for you when you need an expert. Many sewer problems can be discovered with our advanced video inspection process. We offer complete investigative, repair and replacement services for sewer, storm and water lines. Whether it’s a total sewer replacement, minor water line repair, or rooter service you can count on C. Carlin Plumbing for all your plumbing needs.

Available Sewer Services:


Have a leak, a clogged drain or any plumbing problem that needs plumbing service? Give us a call at (814) 825-2805 for an appointment. We’re at your service.

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