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Water Line Services

Efficient Delivery of Water to Your Home

The water line to your home or business is the major source of clean water delivery from municipal water mains. Keeping this line properly maintained and free from obstruction is necessary to keeping your water supply safe. Age and root infestation are two of the most common reasons for water line obstruction and failure.

Water Services

Water Line Detection

The water line to your home and business is metered to track usage for billing. If a leak occurs somewhere in your water line you will start seeing an increase in your water bill.

Water Line Replacement

Unfortunately, sometimes a water line cannot be successfully repaired and will need to be replaced.

Water Line Repair

Whether your water line is made of copper, steel, poly, or plastic, C. Carlin Plumbing has the knowledge, experience and equipment to repair your water line.


Keep the water moving out of your home. Nobody in Northern PA, busts clogs like the pros at C. Carlin Plumbing!

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