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Sewer Services

Sewer Cleaning, Repair Or Replacement: We Do It All

The best way to avoid major sewer problems is to prevent them (or detect them) before they start. Our sewer services can do just that. If you have standing water in your kitchen or bath and need expert assistance, give us a call. C. Carlin Plumbing can rooter your sewer or unclog your drains and get your life back to normal in no time. Our service department is ready to help, 24/7. And if we discover damage to your lines, you can count on us to do the repair.

Sewer Inspection

We use sewer video inspection technology to detect and diagnose any problems.

Drain Cleaning

We use the power of high pressure jetting technology to clean and clear your sewer pipes.

Sewer Repair

A sewer line repair can be less expensive than a sewer line replacement.

Sewer Replacement

If our inspection detects the need for a sewer replacement, we take you step by step through our findings and recommendations.

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Have a leak, a clogged drain or any plumbing problem that needs plumbing service? Give us a call at (814) 825-2805 for an appointment. We’re at your service.

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